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Commercial Pest Services

Pests are a fact of life. No matter what precautions you take pests will affect your business at some stage. Earth First Pest Control experts know exactly how to deal with them and wherever possible how to stop them coming back. Using the latest techniques along with tried and tested ones; our job is to remove the pests as quickly and humanely as possible.

Why should pest control be near the top of your list of priorities?
Some pests are carriers of disease harmful to humans and failure to keep your premises pest free can result in their closure and fines for each offense. Pest management needs to be carried out in a professional manner and on a continued basis throughout the year, if control is to be effective. Frequent observation that allows early detection of potential problems will permit effective and economical control.


Earth First offers a wide-ranging, competitive commercial pest control service in Los Angeles to meet the most demanding of commercial, retail and industrial operations in both the private and public sectors. We are considered a leader within the pest control industry. This is evidenced by the fact that we have provided our services to many high profile clients such as food factories and airports for in excess of 6 years.

We currently service many sites, such as Airports, Military installations, Police Stations and other sites where security is paramount. All our pest control technicians are certified and undertake regular training in delivering the latest pest control products and services.

Whether you're dealing with insects, rodents, birds or other pests, Earth First has a solution. Pests are our business and we can offer you the best pest control advice possible.

Many of Earth First customers operate on a contractual basis because it offers them more in terms of flexibility, response times and fixed budgeting. Indeed this is a core part of our business with many blue chip, public sector and smaller companies that we regard as more than customers because we have been dealing with them for so long.

Our business is about making your business a safer, cleaner and pest free place to work.

The benefits of a pest contract with Earth First are extensive and include:
· Fixed competitive pricing allowing for exact budgeting without any surprises 
· Pest control experts available with one simple telephone call 
· 24 hour protection for your business 
· A healthy environment for your staff and compliance with legislation 
· Continuous monitoring to ensure possible future problems are dealt with swiftly 
· Rapid response 
· Friendly service 
· Reliability and a relationship with your own pest control expert 
When you are on a Earth First Pest Control contract all this comes as standard.  Typically, we customize a pest control program to suit your exact requirements. This includes a detailed site survey and assessment of your individual requirements.
Pest Proofing

We utilize modern proofing techniques and use materials that are compatible to the structure of your business premises and aimed at preventing the ingress of rodent, bird and insect pests.

Book a free visit from one of our pest control experts who would be happy to advise on what you need and will give you a very competitive fixed price for making your business as pest proof as possible.

To see why pest proofing is an absolute must for any business visit our pest control page. Please call (800)737-3606 to schedule an appointment.


Pests often leave behind a terrible mess that has to be cleaned up. Pests carry many diseases that are harmful to humans and should never be cleaned up by you or your staff.

Earth First specialized cleaning service offers a no hassle safe and rapid clean up on your business premises.  Earth First Pest Control provides a specialized cleaning and disinfection service designed to remove unsightly deposits left by pest activity and create a healthy environment, which removes pathogens that cause disease.  All work is carried out in accordance with our strict health and safety practices that include detailed risk assessments, method statements, the provision of protective personal equipment, and include safe disposal procedures.


New regulations are being proposed that will apply to all catering businesses, such as restaurants, pubs, cafes and just about every establishment that provides catering. These new regulations state that you must be able to show what you do to make sure that food is safe to eat - and how you achieve this must be in writing, one of the most effective methods is adopting a HACCP, (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) plan. Focusing on these key areas, door ways and other entry points will help

The Regulations also require that adequate procedures be in place to ensure pests are prevented and controlled and how you achieve this must be documented. Setting up a pest control contract is good practice, but remember that the ultimate responsibility for any pest problem lies with the proprietor of the food business.

You would be alarmed at how many food-related businesses employ a service that only controls pests AFTER the pest has gained entry in to the property. We work with our customers to ensure as far as reasonably possible, this does not happen. We can help businesses that are preparing their HACCP plans.

If you would like to discuss your future pest control solutions with a company that offers outstanding service as standard – please contact us. Experienced pest control experts staff our telephones – so you will always speak to someone who knows exactly how to help you with your specific problem.If we have convinced you that we are just what you need contact us today to book an appointment with one of our pest control consultants. It’s a no obligation, free inspection of your ongoing pest control requirements that provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

EFPC free estimate

Toll Free: 800-737-3606 - Los Angeles: 213-262-9275 - Sherman Oaks: 310-947-9198 - Santa Clarita: 661-505-1954 - Orange County: 714-820-9004

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