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EFPC Satisfaction

We will come back and re-treat your home or business if the pest problem isn't resolved under the warranty. We give warranties to all of our work. 

Green is the only way to go

With the green revolution in pest control fully underway there's no longer a reason to use old methods of harsh chemicals to target: cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, ticks, silverfish, and just about any type of crawling or flying insect.


For too long, pesticides have been misused and certainly over used in order to achieve results. Unfortunately, anyone can drown a pest problem in pesticides. It does however take skill and knowledge to provide green solutions that are both effective and long lasting. 

We now have many pesticides alternatives at our disposal which include: organic extracts, botanicals, naturally occurring pest specific pathogens, pheromone lures, traps, growth regulators, and naturally or introduced predators all of which are safer for people and pets when compared to the pesticides of the past.

As part of our service, we identify conditions that cause, attract and sustain pests and make recommendations for corrections or environmental modifications. We also educate our clients on how to manage each situation over the long term. We can access each situation and tailor a specific green approach. 

$50 Off Pest Control

Not valid on one-time services. Pertains to new annual service agreement. Cannot be combined with other promotions. One coupon per service. Subject to change without notice.

We adhere to the following principles to protect your family

  • Inspection and education

  • Modifying pest habitats

  • We will treat your home as it was ours with respect & dignity.

  • Highly trained technicians

  • We are conscientious of our work & what we use.

  • We use Eco-Friendly products.

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Call now for a free inspection


Your FREE in-home pest evaluation assures that the grounds surrounding your home will be thoroughly inspected for any obvious and potential signs of future infestations and trouble spots. Our Integrated Pest Management system creates a protective shield to prevent unwanted pests from getting into your home or business. Our system treats the exterior of your home with eco-friendly treatments outside and thus minimizes the need for treatments inside your home.

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